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Welcome to Zarina Delices -


Welcome to Zarina Delices

I am Edna a self taught cake creative and owner of Zarina Delices, my picturesque business in London.

Baking,has always been my passion, but I only really started baking since last year Lockdown happened.

I began baking from home, my talents have flourished and instinctively carried me down the path of cake designing and to a place I can efficiently work full-time doing what I love most.

At Zarina Delices we specialise in naked cakes cupcakes and desserts for special occasions that are vegan and cakes for people with allergies. I want my cakes to be eaten with more love and less guilt. Healthy and tasty cakes, baked with superfoods. Having a healthier twist but with no compromise on taste.

Custom made, uniquely styled, beautiful speciality cakes for all occasions or simply just because you fancy a stunning and delicious cake.

Please take a look at some of my work on instagram and follow, then get in touch for a consultation, so we can discuss how we can do something truly extraordinary just for you, and make sure that your event is a magical one to remember.

Email:zarinadelices@gmail.com Instagram @zarinadelices

Tiktok @zarinadelices

WhatsApp on 07388503100

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

Zarina Delices